Bird Services in Southampton, Ontario

A bird is for an owner who is prepared for a complete long-term animal relationship. We want to put that same effort in caring for your bird.

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What kind of birds do you service?

We will examine all birds. We do like to inform our clients we have not pursued internships in avian medicine, so may not have the same options seen at specialty clinics.

What type of grooming do birds require?

When selecting a bird, research should be done to examine the housing, nutrition, and substrates/baths your bird may require for normal grooming. In the veterinary setting, we see birds for nail, beak, or wing trims.

What type of services do you provide birds?

In a small-town setting, we know how difficult it can be to find specialty services so we will provide or investigate any procedure you may need for your bird. Please call and our veterinarians may discuss options available for you.

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