As pet owners, we all know that emergencies occur regardless of time, so we do offer emergency services.

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Where is your clinic located?

We are found at 370 Railway Street, Southampton. The easiest way to find us (which we doubt is on any GPS directions) is to go to the south end of Southampton on Highway 21 and look for the “big bulldog.” You will know what we mean when you see it.

Are you a 24-hour vet hospital?

We provide access to veterinary care but are not open 24-7.

Where is the closest emergency service animal hospital?

Should you experience an emergency during office hours, you can call the clinic and we will do everything in our power to accommodate you. Our clients are always supportive and compassionate when an urgent health issue spoils our standard schedule. After hours, you can call us at 519-797-2960, and you will be directed on how to get treatment.

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