At Southampton Pet Hospital, our veterinarian team has access to leading radiology services. Our digital x-ray equipment ensures your dog has minimal exposure to radiation while providing our vets with clear digital imaging to evaluate your dog’s condition.

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How do you use x-ray and radiology services at your clinic?

We use radiology services quite frequently at our clinic for a variety of different reasons. Not only are we able to see broken bones but we can also see masses, foreign bodies, abnormal gas patterns or fluid-filled areas, as well as bladder stones. We use dental radiology to make sure there are no impacted teeth below the gum line, and that the roots look healthy. Our ultrasound machine is a valuable tool when looking at organ tissues, fetuses, or the heart.

How should I prepare my dog for their x-ray appointment?

Depending on the type of x-ray, it’s important to check with your veterinarian prior to the appointment. If we need to image the bladder, sometimes it’s important for your pet to have a full bladder. In some cases, we need to sedate your pet so that they can lay still and be relaxed for the x-ray. In that situation, you will be instructed to fast your pet prior to the appointment to prevent vomiting.

How much does a dog x-ray exam cost?

Every clinic’s prices vary, and some clinics do not have the ability to perform x-rays. Please contact the Southampton Pet Hospital for more information. Radiology appointments are based on the tools used (ultrasound, x-ray, special dyes) and how many radiographs are taken. We will be happy to discuss costs based on your dog’s individual case.

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