May Grondin

Customer Care Representative

May is a part-time receptionist whose arrival at the clinic was truly serendipitous. One of her pups needed emergency medical attention and Dr. Berry was on call. During the visit, they were discussing May’s background as a receptionist at a clinic in Kitchener, prior to moving to the area and from there she began her journey with the Southampton Pet Hospital.

May enjoys working at the clinic as it is always exciting and she’s constantly learning new things. She looks forward to talking to clients and sharing in the lives of their pets. She has quite a gang of loved ones herself: two sibling pups named Montie and Mollie, who are always getting into trouble, and three cats named Tony, Cleo and Sasha. She is so attached to her pets, that each of them has their own paw print tattooed on her back. In addition to her work at Southampton Pet Hospital, May also works for Community Living and Hampton Court. She enjoys the outdoors and looks forward to settling down in Port Elgin.