Meet Jake

Meet Jake- he is a middle-aged boy who recently underwent a full body medical makeover!

As seen on the left two photos, he originally came to us at 12.9kg (28.4lbs) and was severely overweight. Jake had severe dental disease, a sore leg, and was taking pain medication daily.

After a few months of hard work, Jake is now a much happier boy at 9.6kg (21.1lbs) and is the ideal weight for his frame! He had a full dental procedure where his teeth were cleaned, polished, and x-rayed. The dental x-rays showed nine diseased, sore teeth and they were surgically removed. He recovered beautifully from the surgery and is now pain-free while eating with much nicer breath.

Jake the dog's teeth before and after cleaning

Since losing 7.3lbs, Jake has gained the ability to walk, run, and play pain-free. He no longer needs any pain medication, can jump onto furniture with ease, and is living his life to the fullest. You can see his new and improved photos on the right.

Jake will enter his senior years in comfort. His weight-loss and dental care will increase his lifespan and decrease his chance of associated diseases so he can spend more time exploring new places and finding more places to snuggle.

If you are inspired for your pet by Jake’s medical makeover, please contact the clinic for information regarding weight-loss diets, dental care, and senior pet health care.

Written By: Celeste Desveaux – DVM