Opening Up the Cottage

Vet’s Wife Blog

The cottage season has begun!  I know, the first thing you want to do after the long drive to the cottage is to relax for just a few minutes.  You let the dog and kids out of the car, put the cat safely in the cottage—out of the carrier so she will finally stop meowing constantly—sit down on one of the deck chairs and relax.  It’s nice to be in Southampton or Port Elgin again…you can breathe and take a few minutes before you have to unpack the vehicle.  But can you?  If your dog is anything like my dog Titan, he is always thirsty and LOVES to drink out of that nice porcelain bowl that ALWAYS has cold water in it—the toilet.  The one that probably currently contains antifreeze (which is HIGHLY toxic to animals, but they LOVE to drink!).

Another thing you may want to think about, if your cottage is anything like mine, is the mouse bait you put down everywhere last fall.  Your pets may not realize you didn’t mean for THEM to eat it, and this could result in you having a very serious emergency on your hands.  If you suspect your pets eating mouse poison or drinking antifreeze CALL YOUR VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY!  Better yet, have someone call while you are on the way to the Pet Hospital—time is of the essence, and if you know what type of toxin your pet has ingested, bring the name or the container with you.  Some are more toxic than others, and your pet’s treatment plan may be affected by having the right information on hand.

Now, back to that deck chair…Welcome back to Saugeen Shores!