Do you also do private behaviour counselling and training?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide home-based behaviour training. We are eager to help with your concerns, so please review them with our staff and veterinarians during puppy booster appointments. There are a number of puppy classes in this area that we can direct you to as well.

When should my puppy start school?

Puppy socialization is a balancing act between behavioural development and risk of disease. Usually, you can start puppy school when your puppy is approximately 12 weeks old. This timeframe allows them to have two vaccination and is a prime time for socialization. Ultimately, the timing for a puppy class is based on the policy of the training school you are attending.

Where do you offer socialization classes?

Sadly, Southampton Pet Hospital does not have the facilities for socialization classes at this time. When clients are looking for a place to train we have listings for a number of trainers in our area.

What are the training methods used to train puppies?

Positive reinforcement or clicker training are common methods of training for puppies. In medical literature, it is well established that negative or intimidating techniques do not yield long-lasting success in training.

Do classes take dogs from puppyhood to advanced obedience?

The only limit to training programs is your imagination. Advanced programs include scenting, agility, dancing, etc. The most important part is you and your puppy enjoy the time together.

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