Veterinary Technician

Shannon graduated from St. Lawrence College in Kingston, where she took the three-year Veterinary Technician program. She has worked in small and large animal practices and has also had the exciting and unique opportunity to work with monkeys for several years. Shannon started with Southampton Pet Hospital in 1993 after she and her husband moved back home to raise their family. Together they have four children: Brannt, Colton, Mackenzie and Garrett. They are a very active family and enjoy many activities such as hockey, lacrosse, track and field, ball hockey, rugby and football.

Shannon and her family have two dogs, a dachshund named Katie, and a Rottweiler named Thornton. Katie has a tendency to tell her brother what he can and cannot do around the house; she doesn’t seem to be aware of just how small she is. Shannon enjoys working at Southampton Pet Hospital helping the patients and their owners, doing everything from annual check-up appointments to assisting with surgery.