Shayla Currie

Veterinary Assistant

Animal Care Attendant

I absolutely love helping, and being able to give something back into this world. Discovering my love for animals really put me in a career driven position, I was always leaving work happy and feeling complete. Starting out at a boarding kennel, made me see I can help more, which steered me towards the hospital itself. Currently, I am continuing my education further into the veterinary assistant direction. I joined the clinic in January 2018, and the area of veterinary medicine that interests me the most is anesthesia.

My first pet was a goldfish, unfortunately, my brother’s crayfish snipped him in half. What I love about this job is the caring environment and the satisfaction of helping animals get better. My favourite thing about the Southampton Pet Hospital is that my team acts a lot like family with each other, everyone always is happy to teach you and throw knowledge your way willingly. No question is a silly question to my team!

In my spare time, I enjoy dancing with my dog to records.