Valerie started working as a receptionist at the Southampton Pet Hospital in February 2008. Her love of animals and a background in administrative work, make it the perfect position for her. Some of the most rewarding aspects of her job include talking to clients, meeting new clients and of course, getting to see all the new puppies and kittens. Valerie believes that you can’t ever have a bad day if you can snuggle with a puppy or kitten!

Having grown up on a hobby farm full of animals, Valerie now shares her home with two wonderful dogs. Oliver is her very playful two-year-old Maltese, who loves playing fetch and will do almost any trick to get a treat or to have his toy thrown again and again. The newest addition to Valerie’s family is a ten-month-old Great Dane named Riley, who somehow thinks of himself as a lap dog. He is more than happy to try to climb onto someone’s lap and sleep the day away. When not working or playing with her dogs, Valerie enjoys spending time out on her motorcycle just cruising around and enjoying life!