We Love Our Community!

Southampton Pet Hospital is in the middle of a wonderful warm small-town community. Our staff enjoys the contact with clients and friends and family outside of our clinic. Southampton Pet Hospital supports education presentations at our local schools, Hike for Hospice, Alzheimer walks, community concerts, hockey tournaments, Chantry Fishing Derby along with the recent introduction of Music On High in the downtown business area of Southampton.

Our Dr. Betty and new graduate Dr. Celeste are going to attend this event on July 27th to be able to meet with clients and our community in a different setting. In small-town clients, neighbours, friends and family are always warmly greeted outside of the clinic. People you may not know will know you! My weekly visit to the bank or post office always is a delightful opportunity to stop and chat with clients. The friendliness that is extended to our community is returned just as strongly to staff when a visit to our clinic takes place.

Written by Southampton Pet Hospital