Christmas Safety for Pets

We all enjoy the Holiday festivities this time of year, but we also have to remember about our pet’s safety as well. As much fun as it is to host a holiday party, it is important to remember the precautions pet owners need to take for the safety of everyone.

Pets may not be as excited about strangers coming into the home as we are, so provide them with a quiet room/kennel area where they can hide when they feel the need to. Plants such as poinsettias, holly and mistletoe are nice decorations but are actually poisonous to dogs and cats if ingested.

Avoid burning candles on lower tables in case a tail wags and knocks it over causing a fire. During Christmas dinner when Grandpa wants to give his furry grandchild a treat off the dinner table, remind them it’s not a good idea.

A couple “fatty treats” from off the kitchen table can cause Pancreatitis and require your pet to take a trip to the vet. Pancreatitis is when the pancreas becomes inflamed and painful. By preventing guests from feeding Fluffy a fatty treat, it saves you and your pet a trip to the vet, which can be expensive.

Keeping these tips in mind during the holiday season will be beneficial to everyone in the family.

From The Staff at Southampton Pet Hospital – we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!