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Heroes Don’t Wear Capes, They Wear Collars!

Most days at work I feel like a superhero. I get to be a part of a team that works together to improve the life of beloved pets.

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Christmas Safety for Pets

We all enjoy the Holiday festivities this time of year, but we also have to remember about our pet’s safety as well. As much fun as it is to host a holiday party, it is important to remember the precautions pet owners need to take for the safety of everyone.

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Keeping Your Cat From Destroying Your Xmas Tree

It is that time of year for Christmas Carol’s, baking cookies, and trying to stop fluffy from climbing/ruining your Christmas tree. Here are some helpful tips to keep fluffy from destroying your Christmas tree and hopefully saving a trip to your local vet. 1. The location of your tree. Place your Christmas tree in a […]

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Ways to Help and Arthritic Dog

One of the most difficult things a dog owner can face is watching a beloved pet suffer from pain or discomfort due to arthritis. While this condition is relatively common and can affect canines just as it can humans. There are, however, a number of ways to help lessen the discomfort your pet is experiencing. […]

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The Southampton Pet hospital is filled with wonderful and knowledgeable staff. They're patient and welcoming when I come in with…

Jocelin Rivest

My dog was a jerk and ate a cob from corn on the cob...my own bet wasn't sure if he…

Shalene Hedderson

Dr. Albright did an after-hours call for us recently when our dog was sick. She was very friendly, professional and…

Hart Walker

Great vet and assistants. Provide detailed explanations to amy questions i asked. Suggested heart worm medication change that is…

Maria Magi

This clinic truly takes priority of your pets well being using evidenced based medicine and holistic practises. We drive out…

Selene Miller

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Betty, Apex and Alex

My Story - Alex

My son Alex and I would like to thank the staff at Southampton Pet Hospital for their excellent service during our recent road trip.

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