An Egg-cellent Outcome

Kelly & Sabrina arrive at Southampton Pet Hospital office with severe respiratory infections, lethargic, and not eating.

Two chickens inside a crate

Sabrina was indoors for 7 weeks, tube fed for 2.5 weeks.

Sabrina the chicken sitting in a towel

When she was really ill, I used my studio strobes for some extra warmth.

Sabrina the chicken underneath a studio strobe light

To attempt to get her appetite up & motivate her to improve we walked her like this a few times a day.

Here she is today, she laid her 2nd egg since October (with her little friend Maple).

Sabrina the chicken with her chicken friend Maple

We would like to send out a huge thank you to Dr. Albright and the staff at Southampton Pet Hospital for helping us out over the past few months with saving the lives of two of our hens, and providing us with the knowledge to pull our entire flock through what has been a terrible winter for many chicken keepers. Sabrina and her sister Kelly presented quite ill in October, they were having difficulty breathing and were not eating or drinking at all. Sabrina only steps away from death was left with the clinic over the weekend to be in the best care. After the weekend, she returned home to be with her family, living indoors in a dog crate alongside a few others suffering from the same illness, but to a lighter severity. With proper medical care, prescribed medication and regular tube feedings to a couple of our ladies, everyone made a full recovery! Sabrina was our sickest and was indoors in a crate for 7 weeks. The sound of her pecking on her own at food after almost 3 weeks, was music to our ears. After a long transition from the house to a heated garage, to an unheated garage, and back to the coop, Sabrina laid an egg on February 17, her first since the illness in October, much to our joy, and even more to her joy! She was eager to announce it to the whole world. They say roosters are noisy! Without the care and advice of Dr. Albright, this could have ended differently for the entire flock. Your knowledge and kindness are appreciated so very much! It was amazing to have a veterinarian & staff that understood that our chickens are a part of our family and deserve the same care as other pets. Thank you all so very much. ~ Jen W

Written by: Southampton Pet Hospital Client – Jen W.