Keeping Your Cat From Destroying Your Xmas Tree

It is that time of year for Christmas Carol’s, baking cookies, and trying to stop fluffy from climbing/ruining your Christmas tree.

Here are some helpful tips to keep fluffy from destroying your Christmas tree and hopefully saving a trip to your local vet.

1. The location of your tree. Place your Christmas tree in a room that fluffy can be closed off from so he can only access it if he is supervised.
2. Spaying the tree needles with anti-chew/bitter apple spray. The needles of the Christmas tree can be toxic to your cat. If ingested, please contact your local vet.
3. More cat scratch post/climbing trees. Cat’s get bored quickly, and the best way to keep them entertained (and far away from the tree) would be to get more scratching posts/climbing trees.
4. Size of the Christmas tree. Another way to keep them out of it is getting a smaller tree that they can’t climb and can be easily hidden away.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

Written by Southampton Pet Hospital