Rocky Goes Home

The Southampton Pet Hospital would like to wish Rocky a happy life with his “forever” home!  Nothing makes us smile more (well maybe a few things make us smile just as much!) than when we get to adopt out a stray to a loving home.  We have sent more than 400 stray animals to loving […]

What to Do When Your Dog Eats Something He Shouldn’t Have

Dogs do the darndest things – including gobble up things they shouldn’t. Sometimes it’s no big deal, like when your sneaky pooch hops up to steal a piece of pizza off the counter. Other times, however, ingesting the wrong thing can cause serious injury and even death to your dog. Here’s some advice from an […]

Opening Up the Cottage

Vet’s Wife Blog The cottage season has begun!  I know, the first thing you want to do after the long drive to the cottage is to relax for just a few minutes.  You let the dog and kids out of the car, put the cat safely in the cottage—out of the carrier so she will […]

Thunderstorms and Fireworks

Vet’s Wife Blog As I am writing this, the weather reports are calling for thundershowers this afternoon, and looking out over Lake Huron, it looks as though the storm will arrive as promised.  My dog, Titan is lying next to me.  He, like most dogs, is a social guy who likes to be near people.  […]