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Cat Euthanasia

This is always the difficult path we must take towards the end of a friend's life. We want to be just as helpful and supportive during this time, as we have been throughout their life.

Blood work and samples

Blood Tests for Cats

At Southampton Pet Hospital, our veterinary team is trained and equipped to perform in clinic bloodwork. Our equipment ensures that we can have your pet's blood work results in as little as 20 minutes. Rapid results provide our vets with more information to properly evaluate the health of your cat...

Cat X-ray and Ultrasound

At Southampton Pet Hospital, our veterinary team has access to leading imaging services. Our digital x-ray equipment ensures your cat has minimal exposure to radiation while providing our veterinarians with clear images to evaluate your cat's condition. Not only are we able to see broken bones but we can also...

Cat Neutering and Spaying

The most common surgical procedure in a veterinary hospital would be the spay/neuter. It can also be a very personal and contentious issue. We consider these surgeries as a valuable part of a pet's preventative care - we see so many reasons to do so on a daily basis. We...