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Cat Deworming

Deworming is an important part of your cat's preventative health care plan. Basically, we want to kill those creepy internal parasites before they cause disease. Like any parasite, they can also reinfect themselves with repeated exposure to the worm (or appropriate infective life stage) so regular deworming or fecal screens...

Cat in carrier

Cat Boarding

Southampton Pet Hospital offers boarding services throughout the year for a variety of pets.

Veterinarian petting a dog with its tongue out

Chemotherapy for Dogs

Chemotherapy is considered a medical treatment to treat various cancers. The perspective on chemotherapy in animals differs a little compared to people. We do not treat so aggressively that the medications are worse than the disease itself. Often, we consider treatment to be a success if remission is obtained versus...

Puppy Socialization Class

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide home-based behaviour training. We are eager to help with your concerns, so please review them with our staff and veterinarians during puppy booster appointments. There are a number of puppy classes in this area that we can direct you to as well.