Dr. Betty Albright-Walker


I graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2004 but have been in animal healthcare all my life. I grew up on a farm and my fondest memories are of caring for runts and sick animals. Initially, I had not considered veterinary medicine, until a high school co-op placement helped me realize this career was what I was meant to do. In 2016, I joined Southampton Pet Hospital. As a veterinarian in the Grey-Bruce area, I knew the clinic and the excellent medicine offered, so I was ecstatic when offered the opportunity to join the practice. There are so many aspects of veterinary medicine that are fascinating. Every day is full of new challenges and opportunities to help others. I love emergency care, behaviour and exotic medicine. I delight in surgery and I can gush over the poetry of anatomy and the beauty of a good procedure.

I cannot say what my first pet was since I have been with animals all my life! There have been numerous calves, piglets and barn cats that we made into pets. My first house pet was an orange and white tomcat named Ernie, while my first pet as an ‘adult’ was a rescued Bengal named Hardy Weinburg. I love the ability to impact someone’s life, both the pet and their human family. Working at Southampton Pet Hospital has allowed me to offer high-quality medicine and procedures that are not normally seen in private practice. My peers at the clinic are wonderful to work with and can always turn around a bad day. An interesting ‘Dr. Albright-Walker fact’ is, although I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian, I did not intend to go into private practice. The master plan was to practice a couple years then return to graduate work for laboratory animal medicine. I enjoyed working with clients and the human-animal bond so much I remained in practice to this day.