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Sabrina the chicken with her chicken friend Maple

An Egg-cellent Outcome

Kelly & Sabrina arrive at Southampton Pet Hospital office with severe respiratory infections, lethargic, and not eating.

Surgeon performing surgery

Expanding Surgical Practice

One thing that drew me to this practice was the openness to learning new skills in order to better treat our patients and clients.

Human hands holding dog paws with a heart on the fur

Winter Truth: Canine Cracked Feet

Let’s discuss the lovely Canadian climate,

dog holiday

Keeping Your Cat From Destroying Your Xmas Tree

It is that time of year for Christmas Carol’s, baking cookies, and trying to stop fluffy from climbing/ruining your Christmas tree. Here are some helpful tips to keep fluffy from destroying your Christmas tree and hopefully saving a trip to your local vet. 1. The location of your tree. Place...