A breeder’s needs are very different from a pet owner’s simply for the fact they want their pets to get pregnant. A unique aspect of small animal medicine is reproductive health and breeding assistance is known as theriogenology. The second special consideration for breeders is population medicine recommendations and treatments.

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How does the clinic help dog breeders and kennels to keep their pets healthy?

Southampton Pet Hospital helps breeders anywhere from providing breeding services (such as AI) to delivering and vaccinating puppies. Veterinarians can help breeders every step of the way. Maintaining the health of a kennel and its puppies involves a holistic mindset known as population medicine. This facet of medicine considers kennel design and the movement of the people and dogs in that area. Considering vaccinations, parasite control, quarantines, visitors, cleaning technique and more can determine if a kennel prevents illness or experiences severe outbreaks. Another form of a breeding dog’s health is their reproductive and genetic health. A number of pre-breeding tests may be required before a dog is considered good breeding material. Some breeders ask to test for sexually transmitted disease before meeting dogs. These dogs tend to travel more frequently for shows and breeding so preventative care is needed to avoid disease being introduced to the kennel.

What are the breeding services the clinic provides? (E.g., reproductive planning, vaginal cytology, semen collection and freezing, caesarian section.)

At Southampton Pet Hospital, we can provide the services of reproductive planning via vaginal cytology or hormone assays, semen collection and evaluation, artificial insemination, ultrasound and caesarian section. Our artificial insemination procedures include intravaginal, transcervical or intrauterine techniques.

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